Bocce Ball – The Perfect Summer Sport

Have you ever heard of Bocce Ball?  No? Oh, you have been missing out then!  This game is not actually new as one might think.  In fact, it has some ancestry of games played in the Roman Empire.  It is actually pretty fun and you can play with your entire family.  Definitively the perfect summer sport.

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What is Bocce Ball?

Bocce is also known as bocci. This ball sport belongs to the boules family.  Since the sport in its modern form was made in Italy, it is played in any place where Italians happen to migrate.  But it is mostly played in Europe, and wherever Italian immigrants have taken it.

This includes North America, South America, and Australia.  In South America y goes by the names “bolas criollas” or “bochas”.

The game is usually played on any ground with any type of soil or asphalt courts.  The official dimensions of said ground are 27.5 meters and 2.5 to 4 meters.  The balls to play the game can be made of metal or some kinds of plastic.

A set of bocce balls includes eight balls, four of each color and a small one that is referred to as the jack.  The game can be played by one, two, three, or even four players in every team.  More than that would be no fun because one person would not get the chance to throw a ball since there are only four of them.

What are the Rules?

Let’s now get to how the game is played and what are the Bocce ball rules.

The game consists of first throwing the small ball or jack into the court first.  The jack must be thrown into an area that is 5 m long and that ends 2.5 m from the court frame.  If the first team misses twice, the other team gets to throw the jack.

After the jack is in playing position, the first team bowls one of the bowls.  The idea is to get the balls closer to the jack than the opposing team.  After this initial throw, the other team gets to bowl one of their balls.  From here, the team that bowls the remainder of their balls is going to be the one that does not have the ball closes to the jack.  This goes on when one of the sides has bowled their four piggies.

At the end of the game, the winner is the team who has their bowls closest to the jack.  The team that scores receive one point per every bocce balls closer to the closest of the other team.

It is pretty addicted and it sounds like a really nice game.  Points are awarded in every game and starts all over again.


What every athlete needs to know about massage therapy

When your training for competitive sports, a common problem that every athlete encounters is how to deal with sudden injuries. With so much at stake, people often push themselves over their limits and as such increase their risk of a sudden injury. With the right care and recover time muscles and tendons care tear which could spell disaster for any serious athletes.

One common solution to this is the inclusion of sports massage in your workout routine. Professional athletes and their coaches have sworn by the benefits of massage therapy for years, so much to even keep massage therapists on the payroll indefinitely. Science has come out to back them up on this as well with many studies have been conducted that show the benefits you can reap from regular massage therapy. It’s easy to arrange it with a local massage therapist. Adam Harris is one of the top masseurs in Vancouver and caters to many athletes in training. If this is something you think you could use then read on to see what benefits massage therapy can bring to you.

Increased performance

Competitive sports require a lot of effort and energy. This puts a lot of strain on our bodies which leads to more tension in our muscles. Too much of this can cause minor yet painful injuries that reduce your ability to perform. Through regular sports massage therapy, you can alleviate this tension and make your muscles more flexible. You’ll perform much better as a result and won’t be as distracted by sudden muscle pains.


Help prevent injuries

Without proper recovery time between workouts, you raise the risk of an injury. When we exercise heavily this causes tight muscles which lose some of their flexibility and increase the chance of a debilitating injury. Much of this has to do with blood flow which can become constricted if our bodies can’t relax enough. Massage therapy stimulates greater blood flow and loosens up the soft tissues in your muscles. With regular treatment, you can go with less recovery time between workouts.

Improved mental focus

The benefits of massage therapy don’t just stop at the physical. There are many mental benefits to be had as well. Stress plays a big part in every competitive sport which can be relived with regular massage therapy. Mental strength plays just as important a role in sports as physical. If you suffer from a lot of stress and anxiety when you need to perform then a regular massage may be just what you need. Studies have shown how it does this by stimulating greater blood flow through the body, bringing helpful nutrients through it and harmful toxins out. The mind feels clearer and relaxed allowing you to focus on the goal ahead when it comes time to perform.

All these benefits can be had but it’s important to state that these benefits rely on making massage therapy a regular thing. These benefits are cumulative meaning you need to have a massage at least one, if not twice, a week if you want to get the full benefits. With so much at stake in competitive sports can you afford to forgo it?

Why training shouldn’t end on the field – Always supplement practice with Gym time

Training never ends on the field, as every athlete should know. When you’re not playing, or running use your time to supplement your practice with gym time.

People in competitive sports and professional athletes often ask what is the best training regime to use when hitting the gym. Thinking a bit more about the question though reveals how unspecific it is. The fact is there is no one size fits all training regime that will suit all athletes. It just doesn’t exist. A better question so is what exercise routine will give you the best all round fitness? That said a rugby players training will of course differ greatly from a marathon runner or even a soccer player.


Scouring the internet though we have found a few exercises that should be a part of every athlete’s training regime. You can do most of these on your own but of you really want to take it a step further consider getting a personal trainer. Ted Leo is one of the best personal trainers in Vancouver and will help take you to the next level.


Cardio exercise is something no serious athlete should neglect. Depending on what your training for you may need to focus on it more but there are a few general exercises you should always make room for.


  • Cross-trainer – the great thing about using a cross-trainer is that you can use it at any fitness level. You can set your own pace and as you paddle faster you can upgrade the weight. Perform a warm up and stretching before you begin and some stretching at the end of each session.
  • Swimming – doing regular laps in the pool will work wonders on your endurance and muscle strength making your arms stronger and lowering your heart rate. For best results swim in sets. Do four easy laps to warm up and then do eight sets of two laps at a faster pace, resting for 20 seconds between each.

Muscle strength

Every athlete needs to develop proper strength in their muscles. To what degree and which to concentrate on will depend on what you’re training for.

  • Medicine ball toss – this is a great lower body exercise that will train both your hips, knees, and ankles. It’s best done outside to allow plenty of room to throw the ball.
  • Dumbbell clean and press – this will allow you to build your upper body strength. It’s easy to learn and will train your legs, back, shoulders and biceps.
  • Burpees – these can be done anywhere are will subject most of your muscle groups to a resistive force by using your own body.
  • One-arm rope cable row – this is the perfect pulling movement for most athletes. Incorporating both grip strength and postural stability in one movement, this pull simulates the ballistic movement common to most sports

These exercises will help every athlete and sports player reach the next level of their fitness. Take your fitness seriously and show the opposing team what you can do.

How to prevent damaging your teeth while playing any type of sport

As much as we love sports, there is also no denying the fact this it is one of the riskiest activities for our face and dental areas. In the many years that we have covered various sports events, we’ve seen so many horrible instances where players suffer severe tooth damage, or worse, tooth lost. While dental damages are certainly not among the most life threatening and career-defining injuries for an athlete, it still does not change the fact that dental services to repair teeth and other dental damages are among the most costly to get. As it’s always been said, protection is better than cure, and this too applies aptly for protecting teeth from damages during any sports activity.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to totally avoid these teeth damages without necessarily hurting your budget. The first step is to determine your overall dental health, particularly the placement of the teeth. Oftentimes, most injuries happen so easily for some people due to improperly aligned teeth. There is a tendency for even the smallest impact to cause bleeding in the gums due to unaligned teeth. When possible, this should be addressed early on especially if the intent is to get serious about pursuing a sports activity.

Another option is to constantly check with a family dentist on the possible mouth guard prescription. This means having your own custom-fit mouth guard for dental cover that is suited for the kind of sport that you are playing. Your family dentist will be able to determine better the thickness and fit of the mouth guard depending on the anticipated impact from a sport that you are playing. This is also the safer option compared to simply buying mouth guards from sports shops. Not only do these mouth guards fit uncomfortably, they may also cause more damage than protection to your teeth. One of the most inconvenient part of playing any sport is minding whether your mouth guard will fall of anytime during the game. A specially made mouth guard from the dental clinic fits properly without hurting.

If in any case dental injuries actually happen due to certain circumstances, it is important to never delay treatment. Since as dental damages are usually not paralyzing to any player, there is always the tendency to forgo treatment. However, dental professionals are strongly advocating for immediate check-up and treatment, since every single day of no treatment may simply result more expensive solutions.

Durable Watches for Sports

Not all watches were made the same. They come in many sizes, design and features. And for sports enthusiasts and those who are into extreme kind of sports, there would be specific watches that work for them. They’ll need highly durable, waterproof and feature-packed watches.

If you are currently looking for some durable watches to wear for any of your sporting activity, then it is time for you to know your options and what to look for. Let us check out some of the important tips and ideas of finding the best one.

What to look for

In order for you to find the best sports watch, it is important that you know what you should look for. You will never find what you are looking for is you don’t know exactly what to look for. When it comes to watches, here are some of the important factors that you need to consider.

Material. What makes a durable watch? It’s the material it is made of. Straps and cases for most sports watches are made of rubber or polymer. These types of materials are naturally lightweight, elastic and extremely durable. They are often waterproof and can resist shock.

Features. Different watches comes in a wide range of features. Most of the tough and outdoor watches these days are packed with tons of features more than you can imagine. It is like an all-in-one gadget. They serve as a watch, GPD, thermometer, barometer, weather forecast, alarm and a recorder. These features will help sports people to be able to gauge and monitor everything needed.

Price.  As always, quality always comes with a price. Most of the most advanced and highly durable watches are pricey in a bit. Yet, you can always find the best one that suits your needs as well as your budget. The for instance have some tips and suggestion about how you are able to find the best.

Some Options

Casio Men’s W800H-1AV Classic Sports Watch with Black Band. It is one of the top choices form sports people this year. With a much longer battery life, water resistant, LED light afterglow. It has digital display and may other functions.

PALADA Men’s Sports Digital Wrist Watches Electronic Quartz Movement. One distinct feature is it is shock resistant. Water-resistant too. With its acrylic mirror surface, very easy to read. Has an alarm and a chronograph feature.

Timex Men’s Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size Watch. It comes in different colours which can also be fashionable. It is water-resistant, allows to setup reminders for events, and has an alarm, timer and a stopwatch.

There are just some of the three most popular and tops choices for durable sports watches. There are tons more to check out in the market. You can go online and don’t forget to do the proper comparison to be able to see which one suits you depending on the features and most of all the price. Wear the right watch in whatever sporting activity you do, and it will definitely never leave you.


Knee Injuries in Sports

In whatever sports activity, do you know that our knees are the ones who are most likely to get an injury? Our knees are getting all the stress, the weight of our body and sprain if we do any physical activity. That’s the main reason why knee injuries in sports is much higher than any other parts of the body.

Knee injuries are very common, it should not be something that we consider normal or we don’t take it seriously. We need to remember that severe knee injury can be career ending for some sports people. If you don’t have much ideas about knee injuries, how to stay from it and how to cure it, make sure to read on.

Sports Injury

When you are into some extreme type of sport, you exactly know that getting into an injury is most likely to happen. That’s the main reason why you many people would end up using basketball knee braces to alleviate the pain or to help them recover. In a worst case scenario, you have to stop playing and take a rest. Which can be depressing for most players.

Yet there are always a way out for everything. There’s always a good way to stay away from knee injuries or even so there’s a great way to get better when you get injured. Mainly, you just have to make sure that you have the right idea how to do things the right way. As long as you are well informed, you are cautious and you know how to stay away from injuries.

Some of the simple ways that you can avoid knee injuries when you’re playing any kind of sports are:

Stretching and warm-up. This is probably one of the most overrated idea that most sports enthusiasts already know. However, not everyone is taking it by heart. Body conditioning is always a great way to avoid sprains and strains.

Practice and Train. If your body is well used and you are practicing and training regularly, you are less likely to get an injury.

Stay healthy. Well, as a sport person, you know how important it is to keep your body healthy inside and out. Eat healthy and stay away from vices that will most likely will lead you to injuries.

Get a coach. If you aren’t sure how to do all these things, you can always consult or get a fitness coach to guide you through. Surely, you will need a professional’s help to make sure that you are doing the right thing for your sporting career.

Know more about injuries…

Knowing how to stay away from injuries is as important knowing how you are able to get into it. In case that you are already suffering from injury, you can always seek the help of the experts to help you to recover. For instance, the actually gives out all the possible information that you need to know how to get better or to handle injuries due to sports. Just make sure that you get the help from the right people and the right sources.



Outdoor Sports – Lumberjack Competitions

If you are looking for some outdoor sports adventure, then you might get yourself into the long list of the best outdoor sports to consider. Staying outside for fun with your family and friends is such a great idea especially during vacation. And doing something far from the usual daily perks of life.


Have you heard about the lumberjack competition? If you haven’t, then now is the best time for you to know what lumberjack game is. Basing on its name, lumberjack. Then the competition is all about using lumber, wood. It may include chopping, climbing or even sawing the lumber competition. It is quite of a game but it is absolutely fun.

Outdoor Sports

When it comes to choosing the best outdoor sport you get into, it’s probably important to consider who are playing with. If you’re with your family, and with little kids that you want to join in, then maybe an outdoor sport like lumberjack may not be a good idea. But if you are looking for some fun and challenging outdoor adventure. Get yourself listed for a lumberjack competition.

Outdoor sports like lumberjack actually requires a good amount of strength, ability and power to do. Let’s say it’s not really for everyone. But if you love axes and tomahawks, then you’re the best guy for it. You’re doing what you like, while winning the competition and going home with a price. Something that makes lumberjack a great outdoor adventure for real men.

In the US, Australia and Canada, lumberjack competition is one of the most anticipated event. It is something that makes outdoor sport enthusiasts so excited about. The world competition often participated by many people coming from different countries, aiming to bring home the championships.

The Lumberjack

Could you imagine how lumbers can be used for such an awesome competition? Different games are included on the competition. There’s chopping, logrolling, lumber climbing and even sawing. In which often women are joining too. Just like many sports, hitting the gym will help improve strength in lumberjack games.

climbWith chopping, players will be using axes. So it’s a matter if strength and ability to chop off the lumber fast. Then there’s climbing, or say speed climbing. You may need some agility and flexibility on that matter. Log rolling in the water is also very exciting. This is often played by women. Where they have to spin the log rapidly in the water to maintain balance and avoid falling. Using a huge saw, contestants will have to saw the log to cut it off.

If you try to think of it. The games are too simple. It might be something that you’re doing daily. Chopping, cutting the woods and climbing. But it’s absolutely fun and very competitive. It is something that you might want to consider joining if you are into an outdoor lumber fun.

The always have a great way to inform outdoor enthusiasts on how to keep safe and make the most of their outdoor adventure. So if you decide to try lumberjack, then just make sure that you’re skilled and is ready with all the challenges that you might get into.



Why More Athletes are Using a Chiropractor


Tough as they are, athletes are prone to injuries and they turn to Vancouver chiropractic services for healing. At Back2Health, we serve athletes of all kinds when they experience debilitating injuries. Chiropractor is a very effective means to promote health and to heal from injuries experienced by professional athletes. This is highly recommended by sports medicine, trainers and coaches before during and after a sports event.

Reason Why Athletes Love Chiropractor

There are lot of benefits for chiropractor. Various sports from MMA, Tennis and Football have an in-house chiropractor to maintain their athletes in top shape. Numerous studies support the idea that athletes indeed benefit from it. Here are a few.

  1. Solid body maintenance—This has been observed in professional football where athletes are most vulnerable to injuries. Athletes bump at each other at break-neck speed and they are expected to get injured sooner or later. Even if they are not injured, they may still experience muscular stiffness and most team admits to having a chiropractor among its staff to help them with a lot of discomfort.
  2. Improve mobility—Football players who need to be able to shift from one position to the next at the least amount of time admits to benefit from Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT). OMT promotes pain-free movement and flexibility allowing football players to move unhindered in seconds without experiencing injuries. Some of them admits increase in performance after OMT treatment. This is the reason why they have regular OMT sessions on and off season.
  3. Increased strength—Martial artists and professional MMA players admits to increase physical strength after a regular session with a chiropractor. As tested, they increased their grip strength after four sessions only. Strength is very important when you need to throw your opponent or take him down to the ground.
  4. Relieves Tennis elbow—Tennis players are expected to experience tennis elbow within their lifetime. Some of them will experience it in severe ways that they are advised to see a chiropractor to relieve the discomfort and promote healing. Joint manipulation techniques have been shown to be effective in relieving discomfort caused by tennis elbow.

There are good reasons why athletes love chiropractor and a few are mentioned above. If our body is a machine, the chiropractor is the mechanic that keeps it in good running condition and shape. Are you a professional athlete who benefits from chiropractor? Share your experience with us by leaving a comment below.

Should Bow Hunting be Considered a Sport?

downloadAt one time, we are all hunter-gatherers. We live by the environment and we content ourselves with what it provides. Hunting was considered a profession for long portion of our history as humankind. Most abled men do hunt in order to bring meat to their families or tribe. This gave them a sense of accomplishment and awards them with a prominent place in ancient society. It is only but recently that we subsist on domesticated animals and farm products.

In our natural state, we hunt and gather. It is embeded in our natural instinct to hunt games and eat what we have hunted. Hunting provides a natural exercise as you track down a game, keeping one healthy. There is an exhilirating feeling everytime you catch a game, something that you don’t experience when you just buy your meat from the grocery store. That most of us no longer hunt for a living means that we are losing a huge part of our common heritage as hunter-gatherer.

Some hunters do it to relieve themselves of stress. Most hobby hunters are professionals from a different field and they take up hunting to divert their attention from the stressful work environment that they come from.

From being a profession to a hobby, hunting has been beneficial to a lot of people. This makes it a very important activity that we should subscribe to, if not for its past value as a livelihood, then at least for its present value as a hobby.

So should bow hunting be considered a sport? The answer is a huge yes! Since we no longer consider it a profession, we might as well consider it a pass time. This brings me to my next point which is the choosing of the best recursive bows for hunting. If you want to engage in the sport of hunting, you need to have the best recursive bow. You can head on to for some guidance on what bows to pick. You can also read some articles by written by real enthusiast and believe me, their enthusiasm is contagious!

The site has all the information you need in order to get started at hunting. Aside from bows, you can also find information on arrows, bow sights and other relevant information on the sport. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the sight and get started with hunting, the best sport in the planet.

Vancouver Canucks Preferred Orthodontist


The Vancouver Canucks is a professional hockey team that plays in the National Hockey League in Canada. They are a common fixture in British Columbia sports with a passionate fan base who continue to support them since they entered the league in 1970.

Throughout the years, hockey has evolved for the better and along with its evolution came upgrades in the professional teams who participate in it. The Canucks are one such team that built a strong organization for their fans and for their players.

They have their management team, coaching staff, training staff, athletic performance team, team of scouts, and a medical team. All of these divisions have functions to ensure that the team performs at high level every time they step on the ice.

However, let us focus on the medical staff specifically the preferred orthodontist on the team. Dr. Keith Lim is the team dentist and is one of a 5-man team composed of two physicians, chiropractor, and optometrist.

We all know that hockey is a physical sport. Collisions between players and other forms of physical contact usually happen during the heat of a contest. This makes the players vulnerable to getting a tooth dislodged or loose, a broken tooth, or any other dental accident.

The job of their team dentist is to provide players with professional service to tend to the dental troubles they get themselves into after the game. Dr. Lim is a well-trained and experienced orthodontist treats his patients, who are professional hockey players, using the latest methods and practices in orthodontics to ensure that they address their needs.

Aside from an experienced specialist, the Vancouver Canucks also has the facilities where their team dentist can work with their players with top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the best results. It continues to be a big medical investment that has helped the Canucks players to play at their best.